Hong Kong Whistle: 話梅蜂蜜酒 Dried Plum Mead

Hong Kong Whistle

話梅蜂蜜酒 Dried Plum Mead

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mellow sweet sour, honey dried plum

 330 ML | 4% ABV

Mead is a fermented honey drink with a long history. Infused with the traditional Chinese flavors of dried plum, this east meets west combination will conjure a complex mingling of sweet, sour and salty flavors.


蜂蜜酒是有⻑遠歷史的酒精飲料,釀酒師加入傳統果脯 - 話梅,這組合帶出了甜、酸和鹹味,口味鹹濕,有趣且豐富。


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