Celtic Marches: Abrahalls AM 6% Medium Cider

Celtic Marches

Abrahalls AM Medium Cider

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 Abrahalls AM 6% Medium Cider  

 500 ML | 6% ABV

This medium 6% cider is a well-rounded and easy to drink. Made on the family farm in Bishops Frome, the cider is made from a blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apples – Dabinett, Michelin and a smattering of Kingston Black.

由英國Celtic Marches喺Herefordshire自家農場種植嘅bitter sweet同sharp cider apples 釀成中度蘋果酒, 係我地其中一隻最易越飲越停唔到口嘅蘋果酒.

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Source: Celtic Marches.