Alcohol pairings with Pizzas

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Pizza, the pie that everyone loves (of course aside from key lime pie). Within each divinely delicious triangles, lies an infinite array of toppings that you can layer on to craft the ultimate meal (we are pro pineapple). With its crispy crust that's doused with savory tomato sauce and concealed beneath a mountain of gooey cheese, you need a dry cider that can stimulate your appetite as you satisfy your hungry heart. Here are a few foolproof pairings.



Ugly delicious, the bacon cheeseburger pays homage to David Chang's title show. This pizza with its buckets of cheese, ground meat, relish and ketchup (yes, rather than fancy tomato puree) is an explosion of flavors. To counter the heaviness of this pizza, the full-bodied and semi dry flavors of Guthrie Cider's Rosé is the ideal palate cleanser that can help you devour more of the cheeseburger pizza.

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Cheeseburger Pizza


Margherita Pizza

Ever heard of the phrase - Oldie but a goldie, in the world of pizzas, that's most likely referring to the classic margherita pizza. The flavors are bold but simple and is layered with quality tomatoes, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and extra-virgin olive oil. Ideally the pizza should be baked in a wood-fired oven to give the dough its smokey undertones. The drink that you should be looking pair with is a classic cider. We recommend the Abrahalls Medium Cider from Celtic Marches. The blend of bitter sweet and sharp cider apple creates a well-rounded and easy to drink beverage. One bite of the margherita pizza, one sip of the drink, before you know it you are done with the box.

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Abrahalls Medium Cider

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Margherita in Hong Kong