Mexican Food

Alcohol pairings with Mexican food

Sounds Quirky but oh so heavenly

Mexican food is the ultimate and most sought after cuisine. Whether you're eating a Taco from your favorite truck (if you are in the US), hitting the local taqueria for a meal with your friends, or going in for that quick Cali-Mex meal, Mexican food is perfect anytime. The tingle on your tongue from the freshness and savory spice of Mexican food makes it the perfect accompaniment to a vibrant and well-balanced of shandies and ciders. Whether you love tamales or prefer crispy enchiladas, there are our favorite pairings!


Carne Asada Tacos

Tacos are the quintessential Mexican snack or meal, if loaded with succulent meats. We dig carne asada tacos with a sip of dry ciders. The chargrilled flavor of the carne asada spiced with chili powder, cumin, cilantro and lime juice is balanced deliciously with Guthrie Cider's Brut. This cider's crisp and clean notes is the perfect partner to the robust flavors of the tender steak.

Guthrie Ciderworks BrutGuthrie CiderWorks
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Carne Asada TacosA Proper Recipe
Carne Asada Tacos


Good Ol' Guac

Holy guacamole! The motherlode of all savory spreads. Its creamy and addicting texture infused with fresh flavors of lime & fresh cilantro makes guacamole simply irresistible. When pairing with guacamole, look for a drink that has bright acidity. Two Pitchers Tropic Plunder is an easy drinking session with a nice balance of hops and tartness that will make the richness of the avocados shine.

Two Pitchers Tropic PlunderTwo Pitchers Brewing
Tropic Plunder

GuacamoleA Proper Recipe